Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shippuden Filler to Distract me from work

Got 3 tests next week. Including one in a class I'm really behind in. Not looking forward to it. So I'm taking my mind off it by watching Naruto filler and the like. So, latest Shippuden episode I've seen- first clash between Team Kakashi (Team 8) and the filler villains of the week. Is it just me, or does Naruto reuse the exact same woman for all their female filler villains? There was that one chick in the last Naruto filler arc with the Sand Sibs, that creepy mannish chick in the Sora arc, and now this chick, who at least is fairly easy on the eyes. So we've got a fight, and a minimum of Naruto stuck in a toad's mouth. Seriously, folks, that's just retarded. One fillervillain draws Kakashi away from the fight, leaving Kiba and Hinata all on their lonesome facing down three people, as Shino's left behind doing his own thing. Not particularly good odds, even with Akamaru. They call up a smokescreen (Squirtle's accuracy fell!), which blinds Kiba and takes away his sense of smell. Don't dogs have great ears? But Hinata's still in great fighting form thanks to the Byakugan, and it looks like we're going to get a chance to see our girl kick some ass. Nope, sorry. Her foe just happens to have some sort of gooey layer that lets him ignore her Gentle Fist hits. And he's a creepy-ass motherfucker. Hinata's fairly good at dodging his attacks, but she's got no way to hurt him, so she's slowly getting beat up by blue gumby. Kiba is, needless to say, peeved that his teammate's gonna die without him being able to do anything, but he wises up and manages to use his Gatsuugan move to clear the smoke and bail Hinata out. Not that it helps much, as it's really four on three and most of them haven't even started fighting yet. But then they book it. Three guesses as to why. Shino pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and, displaying Batman-level planning, would have captured all of them with his bugs if they hadn't picked up on it. Kakashi shows up, and his foe was fast. Methinks that this bruiser calls for Might Guy to deal with. We get a few shots of what I take is going to be the three-tails jinchuuriki (that little kid who's supposed to be all cute but inspires nothing but apathy in me) and now the crystal chick, Guren, is about to attack. End episode. Next, looks like she's trying to take on Team Kakashi all on her lonesome. We got one shot of Hinata smacking her with gentle fist in the preview. Team Yamato shows up. Sounds like a party!

No Negima this week. I am a sad panda.

Edit: I'm reading spoilers for the latest manga chapter. Now I am an angry and violent grizzly bear.

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