Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Negima 240

I *think* I mentioned earlier that I'm a complete Negima fanboy. If not, now you know. Chapter 240's out. And I'll say the same thing I said on the Giant In The Playground thread- And here...we...go! Negi and Kotarou vs. Rakan and Shadow-dude. Negi's got a plan, he's got himself an artifact, and we've got ourselves a fucking epic fight. Oh, I haven't drooled this much since Naruto showed up to kick Pain's ass six ways from Sunday. A bit more Kotarou-Natsumi flirting in this chapter. I don't really ship in Negima per se- Nodoka's probably my favorite of Negi's haremettes, but then who doesn't like Nodoka? But those two? Those two are cute. So, epic fight upcoming. Can't wait for next Wednesday.

I downloaded the Naruto and Shippuden OSTs and they're fantastic. Naruto has a really weird thing going where the music recombines classic string tunes and flutes with guitars, and it's really, really good. Look 'em up on Youtube to try and find them.

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