Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Preview!


We've pretty much had it confirmed that there's a new season of Fullmetal Alchemist coming since sometime last year, thanks to several ads in the manga, but this is the first footage I've seen. And we've apparently got an airdate! April 5th! Awesomesauce.

So, obviously, I'm psyched. I think FMA was the first anime that I finished watching (largely because I hadn't realized at this point that not all anime were like Naruto and Bleach and ran for hundreds of episodes). But since I read the manga, I'm even more psyched that this could be an adaptation thereof. Because the manga is one of the best damn things I have ever read. The characters are great, the pacing's awesome...blah blah blah, I said this when I talked about the latest manga chapter a couple weeks ago. So, please, please please let this be a manga adaptation. Pretty please?

I'm also torn because, obviously, I'm gonna download the fansubs and watch this the moment it comes out. While I'll obviously try and watch the dub if it's on TV and buy the DVDs, fact remains I'm gonna watch this ASAP. Which means I'm waching the Japanese audio. Now, normally that'd be cool, but I'm such a huge fanboy of the FMA dub that it'll be really weird. I think I read somewhere that they got the same seiyuu for Ed and Al (both, ironically, females- Paku Romi and Kugimiya Rie), but Vic Mignogna is Ed Elric for me. So it'll be weird. Incedentally, this means more than ever taht I shoudl really go to that Anime con near me (Toracon I think) at the end of April, seeing as Vic Mignona's gonna be there and I'll have to ask him if he's playing Ed.

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