Friday, February 20, 2009

Naruto, Bleach, Nanoha, and, for a change, Galactica

Alright, Manga reviews for this week.
Spoilers for the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica after all my animu talk.
Naruto 436- exposition. Meh. Pain explains his whole plan- he's going to create the next H-bomb, and then plans to let it be used. It's a theory of punctuated equilibrium. Long periods of peace broken up by the occasional mass destruction. Yeah. I'm an international relations major, so I could tell you ten or so different reasons why this won't work, or methods that one could use to stablize the world in peace without this mass destruction, or even that pure peace is frankly impossible, but I'm just gonna sum it up with this- Pain is a retard, he needs to die. And I don't think, for all his bragging, he's in that good of a situation. Naruto's got his one remaining clone back at the Toad Mountain. Ino, Shikamaru, and their dads, along with Shihio* are gonna find Pain, and unless that stupid walker's secretly a transforming mecha (wouldn't put it past them), he'll get in trouble there. The eight-tailed beast is out on vacation and he needs to be sealed before Naruto. Tsunade managed to save just about everyone in the village. Pain has one capable body left, and he apparently lost his method of ressurecting (the hub got destroyed!) when Naruto took out that one body. Yeah. I'm not too worried, which will probably mean that Kishimoto is going to fuck with us all and have Pain win.

Bleach. Again, pacing problems! Is Kubo going for art here? Because I just don't get it. Nothing Happens. Naruto had great pacing on its Pain-Naruto fight. This? Ishida and Orihime watch. Ulquiorra clashes with Ichigo, and brags how much stronger he is. Ichigo uses Getsuga Tenshou (Moon fang Sky Charge. I fucking love that.), Ulquiorra blocks it and launches a black cero. End chapter. Man, I'm just bored right now. I read it because I want to see where the story goes, but I'm bored. Oh, and the next chapter's going to be titled "The Lust". They've got this whole thing where they're naming chapters after the seven deadly sins. I don't really see how it fits.

Edit: Well, it's Monday night now. Sorry. Weird weekend (mainly composed of me slacking off, but still). But anyways, Nanoha and Galactica.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is a very weird series, for those of you who don't know. It appears to be a magical girl's show at first glance (the frilly costumes, transformation sequences, and 9-year old girl of a protagonist), but then you get into the complex characters and, more importantly, the fact that these little girls shoot blasts of magic energy that would make the Death Star proud (a slight exaggeration. slight.) The characters and cool action (along with the decent setting) sums up why I and many other ostensibly college-age people like the show. I can't be assed to sum it up any more, so just go to The TV Tropes Article on it.

Anyways, after a long delay, I finally started on StrikerS. Watched 2 episodes. First things first- Reinforce Zwei is impossibly cute. Like... heap of kittens cute. Second- Midchildnan military setitng is fairly cool. Tea and Subaru are...well, from what I've been told they're nice, but I don't really have an opinion as of right now. Good strategy in their fight, but the in-depth, emotional speechifying by Subaru when Tea hurt her ankle was a bit much. Killed a lot of time, that did. In a situation like that, you say "get up, lean on me, let's go, no questions asked."

On to Battlestar Galactica. I got into the series in between season 4 and season 4.5. So, I'm savoring the one run of new episodes I've got. So far, the season's been absolutely kickass. My only complaint is not enough space combat, but the action on board Galactica during the two-episode mutiny kicked a ton of ass. And all the relevations we got last episode made so much sense. This episode- interesting stuff. I've got a few complaints. Number 1- I had thought that Tyrol was a bit more loyal to Galactica, and he knows the fleet needs the Basestar's power. It seemed like the only reasoning he'd have to go was so that the producers could set up a 2-2 vote with Ellen as the deciding factor. Number 2- Ellen's a bitch again. I don't really like that. Number 3- Man, I really feel sorry for Boomer. She's been through so much hell, and now she's going to be put through more... Number 4- not enough Helo and Athena. Saying that, here's what I loved about the episode- 1. Saul motherfrakking Tigh. The man has gone from a drunk when the series started to fairly incompetent when the Old Man got shot, absolutely ruthless on New Caprica, to a principled badass who, despite being a Cylon, having knocked up a Cylon, and generally having all the reason in the world to question his humanity, doesn't. He's still loyal to Adama and the fleet, and nothing's going to change that. Simple as that. 2.- The Cylon-human integration. I don't know why, but I like this- it's how I see the series ending- the ragtag fleet doesn't find a new home but, using the Cylon organic tech, integrates the two races together, and they keep flying. They'll need to find a way to synthesize tastier food.

* Alright, man, what is the point of Shihio's character? Shikamaru is far and away my favorite character, and it's nice to see him get fans and all, but, if Kishimoto is setting her up as Shikamaru's romantic interest, I'm going to be irritated. Yes, I ship Shikamaru and Temari. I don't see how people can't. They work together well, there's a ton of sexual tension, and they snark back and forth so wonderfully. Plus there's the setup with his dad and mom's relationship. So yeah, will not be happy if Shihio's just his token love interest. WILL NOT BE HAPPY>

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