Tuesday, June 2, 2009

E3 Goodness

A few things that are FUCKING AWESOME, courtesy of E3. I won't bother providing more than two links (that's all that's open in my tabs right now)- look this stuff up yourself. Kotaku is probably the best source.

Let's start with the 360, which, I'm sorry Nintendo, is my Console of choice right now. Even with Persona 4.

Halo 3: ODST! We've got gameplay footage, and it looks awesome. It seems as though you've got a health bar, but it looks gritty, bloody, and awesome. Bungie has always delivered well-crafted storylines in Halo, and I'm looking forward to a view of the war from someone other than a Spartan. It seems as though you've actually got a health bar, which will be tricky to adapt to. Still looks like a ton of fun, and it seems you'll be relying more on NPC allies. Maybe it'll feel more like Call of Duty...which leads me to...

Modern Warfare 2 Trailer is out, and it looks awesome. I'm not the biggest Modern Warfare fan (I admit I prefer WWII shooters), but this looks awesome. I'll probably rent World At War at some point this summer when me and the brother get the XBox Live back.

Mass Effect 2- Mass Effect 1 was a lot of fun (even if I found the characters to be lacking, but then I'm a JRPG man.) and this one looks just as good. Woot 4 Kroot.

I think they announced the new Final Fantasy release date, but that's a curiosity for me, honestly. I'll play it, but the above gives me many more interesting things.

And a new Halo game- Halo Reach, which is a prequel- there's a shitton of material in the war to cover. God, I love the Halo franchise. That's all that was announced, but still, Fucking AWESOME.

Nintendo. I admit, I've been a bad nintendo fanboy, but I've been playing my DS regularly! Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

So, Mario Galaxy 2, a new Metroid game, a new side-scrolling Mario, Golden Sun 3 (lots of folk are happy about that one)...can't think of anything. All good stuff, but nothing I'm really into. I suppose I need to actually bust out the Wii and start playing Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3.

Sony...no Persona news, so meh.

And...THIS. Holy. Fucking. Shit. The Old Republic MMO. Do want, and I've never played an MMO before. My only problem is that it does NOT appear that you will be able to take command of a spaceship. God damn it, I want to fly a Star Destroyer! EVE Online looks way to serious business and intense for me, even if it's exactly what I want to do. This means I won't be able to recreate my idea of Mithril in the Star Wars 'verse!* Or run a smuggling ring! Or other stuff like that! Because Star Wars is so much bigger than epic lightsabre duels, cool as they are (and that video clip is one of the best I've ever seen.) The EU taught me that. Besides, all the cool battles take place in space.
*On a train ride back from College at one point, while watching Full Metal Panic and reading some X-Wing novels, I came up with the idea of taking Mithril from Full Metal Panic and making it an organization within the Star Wars universe. A lot of the EU I read (Particularly the X-wing novels) were largely about dealing with warlords who went independent after Endor. So that gave me the idea- an imperial task force goes rogue, and decides to do good. Enter Mithril, complete with Sosuke, Kurz, Mao, Tessa, and all the rest. I unfortunately don't see a way Kaname would be put in there- the concept of the Whispered just doesn't fit with the Star Wars universe in my mind. I've got awesome ideas and concepts, but I feel I lack the writing skills to pull it off. Anyone up for a challenge? Because I think this is awseome.