Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bleach, Negima and Naruto: Can't think of a Witty Title

So, first and foremost, our girl isn't dead! Yet... But Sakura knows she's bleeding out, so she'll get there to fix Hinata, hopefully. I swear, I'd be even more mad if this whole thing ends with Hinata tearfully dieing in Naruto's arms. How this scenario ends depends on how sappy and cliched I'm feeling. If I'm really feeling cliched, Sakura heals Hinata up and, just as Naruto causes Nagato to high-tail it out of there and then starts looking for more non-motherfucking bastard blood (being six-tails and all that), Hinata calms him down. Awkwardness ensues, but eventually they start going out. If I'm feeling less sappy, skip straight to the awkwardness. Other than that, Naruto smashed the ridiculously expensive necklace that helped to seal him. That's a problem. Pain can't handle 6-tails this far from Nagato and so books it and is apparently unleashing some jutsu next issue. Ten bucks says it doesn't do jack. There's also a bunch of reactions to Naruto going Kyuubi, including Yamato, who's apparently out with Sai and Anko, of all people (haven't seen her in forever), hunting down Kabuto. So yeah, I'm happy, waiting to see what happens next.

My only complaint is that there needs to be some sort of extenuating circumstances as to why Pain didn't kill Hinata- It's out of character for him to spare her, and physically impossible for him to fail to kill her. So explanation needed.

Negima- Rakan and Kagetarou get up and start kicking Negi and Kotarou's asses. This is a problem. We get a bit of Rakan's backstory- he's been a gladiator all his life. Go figure. And he apparently wasn't trying before, as he's countering every single move Negi makes and beating the crap out of him. Fate is displeased that Negi's losing.

Bleach is out- A decent chapter, if only because the action was pretty cool. Ulquiorra apparently has a level 2 superpower that no other Espada has. So why isn't he #1? He beats the snot out of Ichigo, and apparently kills him as Ishida and Orihime watch. Now, this is Bleach, so clearly he's not going to die, but if he does, I will gain huge amounts of respect for Tite Kubo for having the balls to kill off his lead. I'll be mad, as I do like Ichigo a lot, but I'll be far more impressed with the plot twist. That said, my money is not on it, logically. Nobody dies in Bleach. Especially getting curbstomped like this. Guess we'll wait and see. Ulquiorra's new form looks cool, unlike his older one.

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