Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica- my thoughts on the finale.

Sweet jesus, that was awesome and amazing.

I don't have a lot to say about the first part of the series. It was Epic, it was GAR, it was total badassery and completely awesome. Galactica, you magnificent ship you, that was amazing. Stuff blew up, shots got fired, Centurions were on the colonists' side, it was awesome. Galactica rammed the Colony to deploy her marines, the Vipers generally kicked ass (I was disappointed Apollo wasn't in a Viper) even if we didn't see a lot of them, and the plan went off perfectly.

Earth...I like it, and I've got a few problems. I suppose it's very possible that they settled into an "old west"-esque level of tech with stuff that wouldn't be preserved in the fossil record, but I'll just let it slide for the sake of giving everyone a happy ending. I still think it's absurd that everyone would agree to give up indoor plumbing, but maybe that' s just me. So them being our ancestors? Pretty cool, if you don't think about it too hard. So I'll just go with the assumption that everyone got a happy ending, and maybe look (or try to write?) for fanfic detailing what would have happened if they'd landed the ships and made a city. I'd like that.

Now, on to the most important part of BSG- the characters.

Bill Adama- these three episodes made me remember why I love this guy. And why, if Bill Adama pulled out a gun, handed it to me, and said "shoot yourself, son", I'd ask him to move so that the splatter didn't hit him. The man is fucking amazing, badass, and awesome. He comes up with the single most reckless plan I can ever imagine, and then makes it work. Truly, awesome. And then he goes and takes his woman home and builds her the home she'd always wanted. This was classic Bill Adama, and it's good to get back to that.

Lee Adama- I dislike him for being the guy who thought up giving everything away with regards to tech, but he really didn't do too much besides listen to Kara and almost have drunken sex with her in the flashback. I do agree with him that exploring the place would be awesome. But nothing new from him, if you ask me.

Saul and Ellen Tigh- wonderfully Frakked up before, they seem to have finally gotten their happy ending and made peace. Saul was typical badass XO for the battle, and I loved his comment to Tyrol that he'd have done the same thing. I loved how he was willing to give Cavil resurrection tech in return for getting Hera back and leaving humanity alone. Ellen didn't do much. Those two are good together, I'm glad of it.

Tori- Karma's a bitch, ain't it, you bitch?

Tyrol. Tyrol, Tyrol Tyrol you poor bastard. Dear god, how much more shit could they have thrown at you? I don't want to bore all of you reading so I won't list it, but it's long. And so after being betrayed by everyone and everything, he goes off on his own to just live in the forest. I can respect that. And I can respect killing Tori. Interesting that it threw a wrench into the truce, but everything worked out. So Chief, you've got my respect. Go enjoy Scotland.

Gaius Baltar- man, I just don't know. Baltar is Baltar. I never really saw him as evil or anything, and seeing him in Marine getup was awesome. I'm glad he got closure and Caprica 6. Now go farm, Gaius.

Various redshirts and what I think happened to them- Hot Dog raised his kid, got remarried, and lived in Australia. Because he looks like an Aussie. Racetrack died in space after those nukes, obviously. Shame. Hoshi? Stayed in Africa, most like. Cottle? Went somewhere and farmed tobacco. Being a doctor on the side as well. Seelix? Survived on in humanity's collective unconsciousness and became a Pokemon- Steelix. Seriously, that was the only way I could remember her- "the chick whose name sounds like a Pokemon". Can't remember anyone else significant I cared about. Favorite characters coming up. And Starbuck. Oh, Starbuck.

Helo, Athena and Hera- happy ending! Yays! They recovered during the action sequences and Helo's injury. They go and live happily, Human-Cylon fully integrated, and proven in that Hera becomes the one ancestor of humanity. I'm a bit skeptical on how she could have had that many kids and died in a way that let her become fossilized, but meh. Great ending for Helo, a character that was slated to die on Caprica back in the miniseries. He gets his daughter and his awesome Cylon wife.

Boomer- best possible ending for her in my mind. She realizes what a bitch she's been, but that doesn't stop her from getting shot up by Athena. Good end for a character I had sympathy for in the past, and they did a good job of letting me sympathize with her a bit in the end.

Starbuck- alright, here's my theory. God had nothing to do with her coming back. She was just that determined- it was her spirit that allowed her to take form and come back all whole-like, such was her dedication to not letting the old man down and finding a place for humanity. And I fucking called it that she'd figure out the notes as a star chart or something. There was probably that bit planted by "God" with the song, but that's it. Most of it was because Kara Thrace was Just. That. Good.

Now, if you ask me, as Johnny Q. Public what I'd do on the new Earth? Well, as nice as Africa is, it's a bit too volatile and hot for my tastes. I'd have a few preferences- the major one being the East Coast, maybe around Virginia. That's beautiful country, and it doesn't get too cold in winter. More importantly, I know the weather's mild. No tornadoes, no major hurricanes, no earthquakes, no volcanoes. Found a little community, start farming, and try and write a story in my spare time. If it's really a personal fantasy, throw in a Cylon model 8 I had previously fallen in love with in the fleet and a few half-cylon kids running around.

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