Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have a shitton of work to do. I am massively behind. But I need to write this.

Why the fuck are some people so adamant that anything the least bit creative and inventive immediately be given the axe solely for clarity? I mean, what the fuck? Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night was a fucking amazing name. I'm linking it and clicking it so that they can't just cut it. That little bit of a poem was great, but some people (looking at you, DQZ, you SOB) are just so damn insistent that anything the slightest bit "unclear" be purged and done away with. Hell, the trope itself was merged! I don't get it. It was a wonderful name, evoked the image of the trope beautifully. And now it's merged into "Rousing Speech". How dull.

And the natter-patrol also bugs me. It's admittedly not terrible, but the idea of going through and just axeing natter solely because it gets in the way of the message is stupid. TV Tropes isn't about the message. It's about being fun! It's about creative wit on the trope pages! A bit of natter helps that. Justifying Edits, "Actually", and all that stuff does serve a purpose. But the people doing the natter thing seem to be at least marginally sane.

TV Tropes is fun because it's so damn unserious and loose. It's a place for bad puns, fanboy gushing, and other shit like that. And trying to make it all serious and clear to boost the userbase, which is the argument those morons have been making is retarded. That's not what gets people here, it's not what keeps 'em, and it's not gonna grow the wiki. It's just going to drive people off and leave a few diehard editors if everything is all serious and dull and literate. So I'm going to combat this however the fuck I can.

Fuck you, DQZ, for killing an awesome trope and starting to ruin the Wiki. I'll fight you every step of the way.


  1. Okay, ironically, that in itself was a Rousing Speech. :D I just joined LiveJournal purely so I could write this.

    This is Bladed Smoke, by the way, also of TV Tropes - You may have seen me on such forums as Giantitp under the name of Hollow Zaraki. Then again, you might not, I'm only an Orc.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with you, and I'm perfectly willing to match you every step of the way in trying to keep TV Tropes what it should be. If those bastards want to have a dry and dull wiki, they can fuck off down Wikipedia and leave us the TV Tropes we know and love.

    Shall we join forces? Heh, that'd be awesome.

    Nice blog, man, but this is the post which really got my attention.

  2. I agree. It was pages like that that made me love Tv Tropes in the first place. I'm actually a little disappointed in the change. My handle's Reyendo there.