Monday, April 6, 2009

This can't be healthy...

Heya folks, I doubt anyone's reading this, but I like venting anyways! I'll actually give a synopsis of what's been going on in my manga probably when Fullmetal Alchemist comes out this month (also I'll probably be talking about the new Anime, which is apparently incredible, but I haven't downloaded it yet. Funimation's putting out legal subs so I'm waiting like a good little boy. It's out on Thursday.

So remember back in February when I was talking about how I'm going to buy a PS 2 solely for Persona 4? Yeah, that hasn't changed much. If anything it's gotten worse. These folks over at have been doing an extended "Endurance Run", basically a Let's Play crossed with Mystery Science Theater 3000 of the game, and I'm enjoying that immensely, but it's not helping my addiction. I know I'm sucked into a game when I start trawling the intertubes for good fanart, but most of the stuff I've found has been official and very good. And the more I see of this game (and, given that GiantBomb thing started back in February and it's on average 35 minutes or so a day... I've seen quite a lot.), the more I think how awesome the main cast of characters are. The GiantBomb bit is on rescuing one dude named Kanji Tatsumi, and I'm not particularly looking forward to him joining the party. Even if he's voiced by the guy who did Yuri Lowell and appears to be an all-around cool guy, I don't want to see it. The main group has such an absolutely fantastic Five Man Band dynamic going for it that I don't want that broken up by the addition of more characters- The Main character (I'm going to name him after one of my Play By Post RPG characters) is the Hero, Yosuke's the Lancer, Chie's the Big Guy, and Yukiko and Teddie trade off The Smart Guy and The Chick roles. The four (well, three, since the protagonist doesn't exactly say much) humans have such wonderful interactions that I can really see them becoming a core, tight-knit group- a Nakama if you will. Seeing as the main character is designed to be the player by proxy, I really want to hang out with this group. Kinda sad, I know. But Chie reminds me a lot of one of my friends from home, who I've trained in Karate with for a few years now. And Yosuke's a lot like a lot of the guys I already hang out with, particularly back home (again.) Crap, I think this game is making me a bit homesick. Short form is that I wouldn't mind being the protagonist, demonic hellspawn trying to kill me and all. Of course, me being the antisocial loser that I am, that probably wouldn't work out so well. Sigh. Ah well. Fantasy and all that.

Oh, and I've been watching a bit of Castle. Because dude! Nathan Fillion! The man is awesome. I can say, with 100% confidence in my heterosexuality, that I have a mancrush on Nathan Fillion. I'd watch the man reading a soup label. And he makes the show so damn fun. Thanks, Firefly, for, among many things, showing me that this dude is awesome.

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